Why Expectant Women Should Avoid Lambing Season and 5 Other Strange Pregnancy Dangers

Why Expectant Women Should Avoid Lambing Season and 5 Other Strange Pregnancy Dangers

Congratulations- you or someone you know is expecting! Feeling vigilant? There are so many pregnancy precautions to take and things to avoid. Even these weird ones.

Being pregnant can be wonderful and horrible at the same time. There are so many things to prepare, and worries to consider…things like avoiding your old microwave, crocodiles and lambs.

Who would have thought?

Common sense, regular doctor visits and following a few basic rules can usually keep a woman and the baby safe during a normal pregnancy.

But what about those things that are, well, just plain unexpected?

Here are 6 strange and entertaining pregnancy dangers, just in case:

1) Reptiles

pregnancy dangers-reptile

Love scaly critters? Tough. Pregnant women are best to leave that iguana alone. Reptiles can shed Salmonella through their droppings making humans fall sick.

What does it do? It’s the same bacteria that uncooked chicken can pass to us, and Salmonella poisoning during pregnancy can cause serious and even life-threatening complications for both the mother and baby. Avoid!

2) Cat Litter


Crazy cat ladies. Some schools of thought feel that pregnant women need to get rid of all their cats in order to stay safe. They could harm the baby once it’s born and furthermore, when a black cat crosses your path it’s bad luck, right?

Truth be told, it’s really the cat litter that pregnant women need to avoid – the cats are OK.

According to the CDC dirty cat litter can spread the parasite Toxoplasma. This happens when cats eat infected rodents and then pass the parasites through their feces. By cleaning out the cat box, humans can come into contact with the parasites and become infected.

The thing is, Toxoplasmosis might not show up with any symptoms in an infected mother, but her child can develop serious complications. Infected infants can have a serious eye injury or even brain damage at birth, and furthermore, they can develop blindness or mental disabilities later in life.

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3) Electric Blankets


(Photo credit: Wise Bread)

It could be harmless to sleep with an electric blanket if you’re pregnant, but some advise against it.

These blankets can raise sections of your body to higher temperatures than normal and beyond that, they give off a very low frequency electromagnetic field (EMF). Friend or foe? Your choice.

4) Old Microwave Ovens


Studies haven’t shown old microwaves to be conclusively dangerous for pregnant moms, but some people you can never be too safe. Microwaves are regulated under the FDA to ensure that any radiation they emit is well under the safe health limit for humans. But old ones? What if they don’t seal properly? They’re probably OK, but as thebump.com states, why not take a few steps back?

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5) Lambing Season


I’ll admit, this one I find funny because I live in a non-agriculturally focused area. It just sounds so foreign. If you’re a sheep farmer, however this is likely a no-brainer!

Anyways, the British government states that pregnant women should take strict precautions and avoid contact with sheep during the lambing season, which takes place annually from January to April.

Why? Female sheep can pass chlamydiosis, toxoplasmosis, listeriosis and Q fever  to expectant moms. Rare but dangerous stuff.

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6) An Eclipse


And this one I’ve added just for fun. But it’s true – not that an eclipse can affect your baby (who knows?) but that many groups do suggest you avoid one if pregnant. Why? Various cultures feel that being outside during an eclipse can cause negative things to happen to an unborn baby including a cleft lip and prominent birth marks.

Use your head, do what you feel is safe for you and good luck with your pregnancy!

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