WHO Says: No, Drinking Coffee Isn’t Going to Give You Cancer…As Long as It’s Not Too Hot

WHO Says: No, Drinking Coffee Isn’t Going to Give You Cancer…As Long as It’s Not Too Hot

In commenting on an article posted on the New York Times blog, B.Dawson said it well,

It’s bad for you…well, no it’s good for you…well, it’s probably not a problem. Unless it’s hot.”

What’s he referring to? The World Health Organizaiton (WHO) now says that coffee isn’t as carcinogenic as they’ve previously stated, but there is a catch.

If your coffee is consumed at a very high temperature, hotter than 149 degrees Fahrenheit, the WHO says it could cause an increased risk in developing esophageal cancer.

But if you drink it at a nice, regular, warm temperature, it’s now all good.



So, no, a cup of joe doesn’t have a specific link to causing bladder cancer, as the WHO previously stated back in 1991.

Why the change of heart? A few factors might have come into play. Reports detail the fact that many participants in previous coffee studies consumed a large amount of java but were actually also heavy smokers, a fact that might have resulted in unreliable data being obtained by the WHO.

It might have been the participants’ cigarettes, after all, and not the daily large, dark roast with two milk that caused them to fall ill with cancer.

What else might have influenced this 180-degree reversal? Over time science has found regular coffee consumption to actually have many surprising benefits besides helping you wake up in the morning, which might have been an influencing factor.

Evidence shows that consuming coffee might cause lower rates of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, neurological disorders and a reduced risk of developing some cancers.

Who, (or rather WHO) knows if the findings are accurate this time around. Hopefully they have it right.

As the New York Times states, around 130 million Americans drink coffee every day and so learning that it actually isn’t going to kill us and that it could improve our health comes as a welcome message to many.

On a related note, thinking of investing? Might be time to buy some Starbucks stock, or, oops, maybe that was two days ago.

Relax and let your money and peace of mind grow. You can now have a large coffee in the morning and sleep well at night. Everyone’s going to be OK.

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