Who Had the #1 Public Washroom in the U.S in 2015? Colorado. Check Out These 5 Amazing Nominees

Who Had the #1 Public Washroom in the U.S in 2015? Colorado. Check Out These 5 Amazing Nominees

This week, San Francisco’s iconic Dolores Park announced that it is now home to what looks to be the first outdoor urinal in the U.S. The urinal was constructed in response to what is being labeled “the destructive scourge of public urination in the City by the Bay.”

Plants and a screen (as seen above) are said to offer users some degree of privacy for the act of peeing, but it’s true that the urinal, which is part of $20 million in renovations that have taken place in the park, remains outside and open to the elements.

According to studies, research has shown that public toilets are vital elements to creating sustainable, accessible, inclusive modern cities.

So, if they are so integral to our successful existence, what other fantastic public toilets does the U.S have to be proud of?

Satisfying your curiosity, here are some of the top public washroom facilities around the country, as determined by the best. Cintas’, a company that designs and implements full service restroom programs for businesses, ran Cintas’ America’s Best Restroom® Contest last year, and had the public come up with the front runners.

Here are the top 5 winners:

1) Minturn, Colorado

minturn-mainOk-number one. Cintas encouraged submissions of great bathrooms with this statement, “While most people would likely characterize their trip to the restroom as a fairly unremarkable experience, we at Cintas think it should be unforgettable! Have you seen a unique, impressive restroom?”

Number one, (no pun intended,) takes the cake. The town of Minturn, Colorado has unbelievable public restrooms. Built to reflect the town’s rich in mining history that goes back to 1904, the restrooms display a unique digitally fabricated shape that’s meant to resemble an adit, or horizontal passage way, into a Rocky Mountain mine.

2) Charleston Distilling in South Carolina

charleston-distilling-mainHere’s your chance to let it all go in a whiskey barrel. Believe it! Charleston Distilling in South Carolina makes small batch handcrafted spirits, and it has two restrooms designed as giant wooden barrels with custom woodworking to fit the atmosphere and décor of the distillery and its tasting room.






3) Cibo Wine Bar, Miami, Florida

Cibo-mainThe décor of this wine bar, located in the famous South Beach district of Miami blendsold world rustic and modern industrial chic”.

These decadent restrooms are the creation of Liberty Entertainment Group’s Vice President and Creative Director Nadia Di Donato. The establishment says that guests are often intrigued by the large faucets, which sit mounted to the ceiling and are activated by a motion sensor.




4) The Fitton Center for Creative Arts, Hamilton, Ohio

fitton-center-main“Enter the restrooms at The Fitton Center for Creative Arts and step into nature – one tile at a time,” says the description on the contest site.

These fabulous restrooms were created by Cincinnati artist Jan Brown Checco, and are said to be an homage to our relationship with the earth and the importance of conservation. Students in the Fitton Center’s pottery classes and community members joined forces with the artist to create several of the tiles.

Worth a trip inside to see these washrooms that are hand-made, unique works of art.


5) Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati, Ohio

great-american-mainCincinnati knows how to treat its moms. This washroom at the Great American Ball Park features a first-of-its-kind nursing suite, designed in partnership with Pampers and Fischer Homes.

The online entry states that The Reds talked with local moms to identify the specific needs they had for a restroom.

Looks like these moms had some great tips! Inside, guests will find five comfortable gliders, changing stations, a kitchenette with a sink, ice and refrigeration, lockers for storing items and flat screen TVs so mom doesn’t miss out on any of the game just to breastfeed! Pretty amazing.

There are four more amazing nominees in Cintas’ 2015 contest to see- check them out here.



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