When You’re Born Can Affect Which Flu You Get

When You’re Born Can Affect Which Flu You Get

The year you were born in doesn’t just determine your Chinese horoscope- it actually affects what kinds of flu can make you sick.

Iflscience.com tells of how a team of researchers led by Professor James Lloyd-Smith of UCLA have influenced this idea. The team has proposed that being infected with one type of flu virus can help to protect against getting too sick with another. Similarities between viruses can make you less sick, if youcome down with a type of flu that’s somewhat similar to a type that you’ve already had. Just like dealing with one bully can make you better prepared to take on another, if need be.

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How did science come to this conclusion? Scientists discovered that some humans are immune to certain flu varieties that exist in animals but have never crossed over to humans. Strange. How are they immune? Vaccinations didn’t make it happen, nor did contracting the illness and developing natural immunity.

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So, researchers figured then, that it’s the similarity between different strains of flu that helps out.

Those people who are immune to the types of flu only found in animals must have come in contact with a different but similar strain in humans- and become immune.

So, what does this have to do with the year in which you were born? Flu viruses occur in waves, and people from a certain generation are more likely to have immunity to certain types of the flu.

So, grandparents and parents may have different immunity than children when it comes right down to it.


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