When Should Men Have Routine Cancer Screenings?

When Should Men Have Routine Cancer Screenings?

There are 4 types of cancer men should be screened for regularly, depending on age.

Visiting the doctor regularly can help you stay in the game. Your doctor can help you prevent on-coming illness by guiding you in a healthy lifestyle. Knowing what you should be tested for and when can also empower you, when it comes to your health.

For women, regular breast cancer and cervical cancer tests are recommended among others.

When it comes to men, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer are on the list. Some cancers, when caught early on, are much easier to treat and the chances of surviving are much higher.

Here are some timelines to adhere to, according to the American Cancer Society:

Colorectal Cancer: Experts advise regular screening starting at age 45, and earlier if you have a family history of the illness.

Any person in good health, with a life expectancy of more than 10 years is advised to continue colorectal screenings regularly to the age of 75.

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Prostate Cancer: Men with a high risk of developing prostate cancer (African American men, and those with a family history), should consult with a doctor about screening at age 40-45.

All others should consult with a doctor about the pros and cons of screening at age 50.

Lung Cancer:

If you are at a higher risk for getting this cancer, yearly screening is recommended.

Anyone who smokes and is in good health aged 55-74 should be screened. Those who quit smoking in the previous 15 years should also be screened.

Skin Cancer:

If you have moles or spots on your skin, ask your doctor for a routine screening.

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