What’s a Smoothie Bowl? This.

What’s a Smoothie Bowl? This.

A beautiful blend of natural ingredients makes for a nutrient-filled breakfast.

Smoothies have been a trend for a while, and a lot of people swear by them. Drinking one presents an easy way to get a mouthful of tasty vitamins and minerals into your system in a tasty way, if you blend vegetables with fruit and combine multiple ingredients for a hearty breakfast shake or a snack along the way during the day.

But what about a smoothie bowl? How is it significantly different? (And does it matter?)

As a smoothie-lover, I was curious to find out. So, here’s what I found out through a search.

The bowl involves some unblended contents, unlike the straight-up smoothie. This could seem to be self-explanatory, but it matters.

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If you don’t like crunchy bits of oatmeal and piles of raspberries to weed through on your way to the bottom of breakfast, this might not be for you. But if you like to crunch, read on.

Smoothie bowls tend to be comprised of a blended liquid made from your choice of select ingredients such as yogurt, coconut water or a juicy fruit like watermelon, topped with whole cut fruit, nuts or other contents. Basically, the ‘smoothie’ element provides a liquid backdrop to a bowl full of fruit. Delicious.

Possible downsides? You may have to blend as well as cut, chop and shave your contents. So, there could be more work involved than simply blending your favorite ingredients for your morning drink. A smoothie bowl could also potentially be more expensive as they’re a bit more decadent in nature, but you choose to be as exotic or normal as you like.

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