What Noise Pollution Is Doing to Your Waistline

What Noise Pollution Is Doing to Your Waistline

We know what you’re thinking: How does noise have anything to do with my weight? Well, more than you think, if new research is to be believed.

Noise pollution from certain type of transportation could lead to a rise in stress and trigger the body to add fat to your body, according to a study by researchers in Sweden and published in the British Medical Journal’s Occupational & Environmental Medicine.

There are three types of loud transportation that could increase stress levels; cars, planes and trains. They looked at the noise exposure of 5,075 people living around Stockholm including how often they were exposed to road, rail and air traffic.  The study participants also underwent tests for blood pressure, diabetes, and body mass index (BMI.)

After comparing their data with government data on the same types of noise levels, the researchers found that over half (around 54 percent) of the study participants were regularly exposed to at least one of the three traffic noises at a harmful decibel level.

When it came to the different types of traffic noises, 62 percent of the participants had been regularly exposed to road traffic, around 5 percent to trains and about 20 percent to planes.

Because noise id considered to be a ‘psychological aggravator,’ it therefore triggers an increase in the production of stress-related hormones which creates excess fat to deposit around the abdomen/midsection.


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