What is ‘Kyleena’ ? This New IUD From Bayer

What is ‘Kyleena’ ? This New IUD From Bayer

For those on the look out for new contraceptive options, good news is here. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a device called Kyleena, the latest invention from Bayer AG.

Kyleena is an intrauterine device (IUD) that goes a few steps further than the traditional copper IUD.

Available in October in the U.S, this IUD is said to provide women with contraception that is even more reliable than regular IUDs and to also reduce or even stop menstrual bleeding in some women, while being used.



How does it work? Bayer’s product releases the hormone levonorgestrel in the user’s body. This stops the womb lining from thickening, thus preventing conception from taking place.

Kyleena is being labeled as a 5-year contraceptive, and it joins the list of other long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) now available on the market. Which is a welcome thing.

For those women who want and need reliable contraception that won’t let them down, other methods don’t always work. Some find it next to impossible to remember to take that daily pill-which can be so effective when taken- and so, IUDs (also known as IUCs) are a breath of fresh air.



Products similar to Kyleena include Nexplanon’s tiny plastic hormone-releasing rod that can be implanted under the skin of the upper arm and Mirena’s plastic IUD that prevents a man’s sperm from reaching the cervix, thus preventing pregnancy.

Drawbacks? IUDs, of course, don’t do anything to protect you against sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

As you know, ladies, double up and use this with a condom, and you’ve got your bases covered.

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