What is Gynecomastia and How to Fix It

What is Gynecomastia and How to Fix It

Having a full chest, as a man, can lead to depression and feelings of isolation. You’re not alone and there’s help out there.

If you’re a man and feel like Bruce Jenner before transitioning to Caitlyn, you might not mind your man boobs, (understandably). For many men though, the presence of excess flesh on the chest, giving the appearance of female breasts, is unsettling.

About 30% of men-which is a sizable percentage, when you think about it-suffer from what’s technically called gynecomastia.

What causes it? The condition happens when a man’s hormones become imbalanced and benign swelling of the breast tissue occurs. The likelihood of suffering from gynecomastia increases for men once you hit your 50s, and it often comes hand-in-hand with weight gain.

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True gynecomastia involves the actual swelling of the breast gland but many cases of what looks like gynecomastia actually simply involve excess deposits of fat on the chest wall. The good news is that this can disappear with weight loss and exercises that build the body’s muscles.

If swelling of the breast glands themselves is happening, it means that your body has estrogen levels that are on the rise, and dropping testosterone.

Visit your doctor to discuss your particular case. Changes in lifestyle habits can often be enough to get your body back on track and eliminate the excess growth. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and hit the gym regularly.

If your case is extreme, your doctor may suggest hormone therapy and surgery, if it’s something you seek.

For a detailed look at gynecomastia, check out Mensfitness.com. For a training workout to cut down on your man boobs, click here.

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