Weird but True: How Spider Silk Could Improve Your Hearing Aids

Weird but True: How Spider Silk Could Improve Your Hearing Aids

You may soon hear more clearly because of this small development.

Insects are amazing. They can hurt us but they can also help us, in great ways.

According to a new report, scientists have now found a new way to use the fine fibers of spider silk to help us hear better.

The key lies in tiny hairs. We use our ears to hear, but mosquitoes and spiders sense sound through hairs on their body. The hairs move as sounds waves cross over them through the air, allowing the bugs to sense what’s going on around them.

And soon something similar will be taking place in your hearing aid, if you use one.

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“The work is very encouraging as it shows that the physical process being exploited by many insects – that is hearing with hairs – is relatively simple, and should make the manufacture of broadband devices finally possible,” said Rob Malkin, an expert in bio-inspired acoustic devices from the University of Bristol.

The new discovery hopes to address the problem of background noise interference for people with hearing devices, in places like restaurants and crowded rooms.

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It’s true that researchers have been able to develop microphones that can cancel it out but to date, they’re not perfect.

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Photo credits: Garmasheva Natalia/Shutterstock

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