This Guy’s Dieting by Eating Ice Cream Only, for 100 Days

This Guy’s Dieting by Eating Ice Cream Only, for 100 Days

Are you trying to lose weight? This guy is proving you can eat anything and still keep it off-even ice cream. It’s all about a counting calories.

Anthony Howard-Crow is an interesting guy. He’s ripped, goes to the gym regularly, (you can follow his workouts on Fitocracy), he just got out of the army, he works as a photographer, has a few kids and is into nutrition.

But when I say ‘into nutrition’ don’t get confused- this doesn’t mean he loves to scarf down kale and avocado sandwiches, guzzle soy milk and eat tofu butter on his toast, while sipping organic coffee and watching the sunrise on a Sunday morning.

Maybe it would be more accurate to say that he’s, well, ‘into eating’.


How so? It’s like this. I came across one of his current projects while reading an article on

As part of his own personal 2017 New Year’s resolution challenge, Howard-Crow is trying to live on a diet of ice cream, protein shakes and alcohol for a total of 100 days.

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In addition to the challenge of surviving the ordeal, he says he’s going to lose weight while doing it.

Eating Just Potatoes

I love it. I always find it interesting when people try to eat just ONE thing. Andrew Taylor of Melbourne, Australia lived off of potatoes, in all forms, for a year back in 2016. (You can check out his full journey on YouTube, here.)

Taylor didn’t intend to lose weight, but he ended up doing so. He shed over 100 pounds over the year, and writes on his website of how he cured himself of a psychological addiction to food. He wanted to change his life and be a better role model for his young son, and he did.

Calories In, Calories Out

So is it the same for Howard-Crow’s? Is he trying to change his life by eating just ice cream? No, he isn’t. He’s just trying to take on the world of dieting. Howard-Crow wants to prove that you don’t have to eat carrots and lentil soup to lose weight.

For him, it’s all about counting calories.

If your calories in are less than your calories out, you’ll go down in size, he believes. And says the experts back his claim.

Howard-Crow plans to eat just 2,500 calories a day for 100 days. He needs more than this to maintain his current weight, and so he’s concluded that he will certainly lose body mass over the next few months.

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Is it for everyone? Personally, I’d rather eat just poutine every day. I’m not that into sugar. (And as a bonus, poutine feels like something I’d want to include in my diet on a semi-regular basis going back to ‘normal’ eating).


Long Term Solutions

What about a long term solution? The ice cream king admits that his approach isn’t a lifestyle, and that you can’t, or maybe simply shouldn’t, go around living off of ice cream and protein shakes for the rest of your life.

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It’s not a permanent fix. If you need a way to lose weight and keep it off, obviously this regime fails. You might turn into a diabetic, and in the end, you might actually need to add a bit more of that kale and soy milk to your roster, to fill you up and provide some much welcomed nutrients.

But eating junk for 100 days is fun. And it does poke a finger at the system. All the low-carb, low-fat, low-everything nutritionists who would scream in terror at the mention of consuming a pint of Ben and Jerry’s every night, can cringe and watch in horror as it takes place.

Or maybe something else will happen. Maybe they’ll end up going over to the dark side…one scoop at a time.

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