Watch how sugar affects your brain

Watch how sugar affects your brain

We’re all pretty aware that sugar can be cut back from almost everyone’s diet, being one of the most popular processed foods around.

Yet despite knowing most of the negative effects, sugar is still addictive. Why?

This TED-Ed video breaks down the effect that sugar has on our brains, and goes on to explain why you get sick of eating the same balanced meal every day for a week, but will never get sick of Cheerios.

Basically, when something sugary hits your tongue, your sweet taste receptors send those signals to your brain. Your brain processes the information, and comes to a basic question: should I do that again? So when you’re eating fresh, home-baked brownies, that warm, fuzzy, contented feeling you might get is your brain telling you, “More!”.

Food isn’t the only stimulant of this reward system – sex, social contact, and drugs all trigger it. It’s not a terrible thing in small doses, but when we have too much sugar, it can kickstart an unfortunate series of events in our brain that lead to cravings, loss of control, and increased tolerance to sugar.

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