Want To Lose Weight? It’s Time to Give Up These 3 Things

Want To Lose Weight? It’s Time to Give Up These 3 Things

The weight loss journey can oftentimes be unforgiving, demotivating, and well, tiring.

This can lead to negative perspectives of food, as you’ll no longer see it as an enjoyable experience, but one you’re constantly battling with. This can lead to over-restriction and more frustration. So instead, try these three approaches to weight loss:

Give up dieting

That’s right. Give it up, let it go. About 80 percent of diets fail in the first year, so why bother? Your body doesn’t want to lose weight in this way, and you’ll be resistant to it the whole time, which results in stress.

Instead, eat smarter and add more whole foods into your diet. That, plus never going overboard on foods, and sticking to appropriately-sized servings, will do you more good than dieting.

Give up the scales


There’s nothing more discouraging than weighing yourself at the start of the month, doing your best to eat well and exercise, only to get back on the scale to see you haven’t lost anything – or worse, you’ve actually gained some weight.

This negative mindset will dissuade you from the truth – being healthy isn’t a numbers game. It’s not an all-or-nothing approach, that’ll just discourage you!

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Give up ‘diets in disguise’

This can include something like restricting your eating to just small amounts of food in order to lose weight. Yes, that includes those infamous juice cleansing regimens and detoxes. Instead, opt for simple whole-food based diets coupled with regular exercise. Like most things in life, the simplest approaches are often the most effective!

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