Vegetable Chips are Worse for You Than Potato Chips, Nutritionists Say

Vegetable Chips are Worse for You Than Potato Chips, Nutritionists Say

Potatoes have lost the monopoly in the chips industry, making way for ‘healthier’ options like beetroot, carrots, and the potato’s evil twin – sweet potato.

But it turns out, these ‘healthier’ alternatives may be no better than the O.G. potato chip.

A new study conducted by registered nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed for Wren Kitchens says vegetable chips could actually be worse for your body than regular chips. She found that a standard bag of veggie chips can contain two-thirds of vegetables – with the remaining third comprised of salts and oils. This has led to the fat content per pack eclipsing other snacks that’re generally considered unhealthy.

The study’s data suggests a 40g pack of veggie chips has more fat than the same amount of salted Pringles, and nearly double that of a standard Mars Bar.


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For perspective, Tyrrells Mixed Root Vegetable Crisps contained 14.3 grams of fat, a Mars Bar had only 8.6g, and a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnut measured at just 8.3g.

“The concern with products that are often seen as ‘healthier alternatives’, such as vegetable crisps, is they don’t always match up to their reputations,” Stirling-Reed explains.

“Crisps are crisps, and even if they are made with vegetables, they are likely to contain too much in the way of fat, saturated fat and salt. In fact, the vegetable crisps here have higher levels of saturated fat and salt than some well-known, regular crisp brands.

“As a nutritionist, I’ve seen this first hand in weight loss clinics where clients may eat even as much as double a portion size of a product if it’s perceived to be healthy.”

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