This Unusual Meal Tip Will Help You Eat Less

This Unusual Meal Tip Will Help You Eat Less

We guarantee you’ll be on board for this diet tip, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

Research published by the American Psychological Association suggests that eaters who order rich desserts with their meals make better diet choices.

The study’s title is telling – “If I Indulge First, I Will Eat Less Overall: The Unexpected Interaction Effect of Indulgence and Presentation Order on Consumption.”

The participants went through a university cafeteria line where dessert was offered first for some, and last for others.


When dessert was first, those that picked the rich lemon cheesecake rather than the assorted fruit went down the line making smarter choices, equaling 30 percent fewer calories in their meals, including the dessert.

“We believe diners who chose the indulgent dessert first then picked healthier main and side dishes to make up for their high-calorie dessert,” said Martin Reimann, a University of Arizona professor and one of the study authors. “Diners who picked the healthier dessert may have thought they already had done a good deed for their bodies so they deserved higher-calorie food further down the cafeteria line.”

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This study will surely fuel our approach to food choices, as well as the concept of treating ourselves. The study’s authors also said this research philosophy could go beyond food.

“It would be interesting to test whether nonfood indulgences would have the same effect,” the survey said. “For example, if an individual were to make food choices right after indulging an expensive massage session or buying a luxury item, would the individual tend to choose either healthier or heavier food options?”

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