Uber’s New Service Makes Sure You Don’t Miss a Doctor’s Appointment

Uber’s New Service Makes Sure You Don’t Miss a Doctor’s Appointment

With the new platform called Uber Health, the ride-hailing app would allow doctors to get rides for their patients and vice versa.

Unlike regular Uber, the company’s new platform would be solely used for rides to and from the doctor’s office. The service is intended for non-emergent medical cases, and it will be accessible to most people, because it won’t require you to have a smartphone to use it, as Uber app does.

The process is quite simple, really. To get a ride with an Uber Health driver, you would only need to send a text message- the company is even working on making it possible to get the necessary trip details via a telephone call to your mobile or landline. Considering that a considerable chunk of the population living with chronic diseases and needs regular doctor’s appointments is the elderly, making Uber Health accessible was a really smart move on the company’s part.

The ease of use doesn’t end there, though. Rides can be scheduled in advance – up to 30 days before the appointment – and you don’t even have to be the one scheduling them: your doctor can do it for you. Yes, that’s right, with the new platform, healthcare professionals will be able to ensure their patients don’t miss out on their next visit. And, according to statistics, it’s not an insignificant number- circa 3.6 million Americans tend to skip on doctor’s appointment just because they lack the transportation means.

Over 100 healthcare organizations in the U.S have already been beta testing Uber’s new feature: the list includes various institutions, from senior care facilities to hospitals. The first impressions are overwhelmingly positive, as the ride-hailing app with a focus on the medical made lives easier for so many people.

The company’s foray into healthcare shouldn’t come as a surprise as all the Silicon Valley giants are currently venturing in the same direction. In fact, Uber Health is not even going to be the only peer-to-peer health care transportation available- one of their main rivals, Lyft, just announced they’ll start offering a similar service.

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