Twin Boys Joined at the Head Successfully Separated in Marathon Surgery

Twin Boys Joined at the Head Successfully Separated in Marathon Surgery

In a marathon, 20-hour procedure that involved forty medical experts, a New York hospital successfully separated a set of conjoined twins last Friday.

The 13-month-old boys, Jadon and Anias McDonald, were linked at the head, and are still recovering from the surgery that ended 2 a.m. the next morning. The surgery was done at Brooklyn’s Montefiore Medical Center. The twins have “a long road of recovery and rehabilitation ahead of them,” hospital officials said.

Nicole McDonald, the mother, kept friends & family up to date by posting a picture of the first twin on Facebook. The second twin was still in surgery. Nicole said the hospital’s environment was “one of celebration mixed with uncertainty.”

The large team of 40 medical professionals included experts in their niches: nursing, anesthesiology, neuroradiology, neurosurgery, and plastic surgery. They were led by pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. James Goodrich, and plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Oren Tepper.

Goodrich has made headlines before. In 2004, he successfully separated Carl and Clarence Aguirre in a similar procedure, and has since completed another half dozen separations of twin sets around the world.

“The entire Montefiore community is grateful for the trust the family has put in our dedicated and pioneering team,” the hospital said in a statement.

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