Trump’s Slurred Speech and What It Could Signal

Trump’s Slurred Speech and What It Could Signal

Was it a stroke, or the sign of something much less serious? Here’s our take.

No matter what your politics, it’s disheartening to see someone’s health go downhill. After President Trump’s speech slurred as he talked about his new policy towards Israel a couple of days ago, many viewers were left wondering if exactly that was happening.

Why did his ‘s’ sound like a solid ‘sh’? Are we now living in ‘the United Shtesh”?

The immediate explanation offered by some was simple. Trump was just suffering from a dry mouth.

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But others disagreed and pointed a definitive finger towards troubling ‘signs of aging’.

What’s certain is this: President Trump has never come forth and publicly stated that he wears dentures.

While trivial, this seems like the kind of thing he might do in the right context, and simultaneously something he would avoid sharing like the plague.

Grandma’s Teeth

The sounds coming from Trump’s mouth did distinctively match those made when someone’s upper front dentures are too big, or when they aren’t fitted properly and happen to be falling out. Let’s face it: Trump has white, pretty perfect-looking teeth. And he’s in his 70’s. The chances that this was a case of slippin’ chompers is pretty high.

On the flip side, what are the more serious possibilities? Slurring your words, (when you’re not intoxicated), can be a strong sign of stroke. Was the president actually suffering such a sudden attack in the midst of addressing the media?

It’s possible. Other symptoms like having trouble walking, sudden confusion, numbness or weakness on one side of your body and trouble seeing didn’t appear to be present, though.

The episode didn’t fly past the White House unnoticed. It was announced that President Donald Trump will have a physical exam early next year and he will make the results public.

Well, that should settle the score. Of course, if the results are as public as his taxes, that might be another matter. And more fuel to fill the fire of news.

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