Top Nutrition & Fitness Trends from 2014

Top Nutrition & Fitness Trends from 2014

Every year is a good year to take care of your body and soul and 2014 was no exception, with healthy living always in the periphery, whether it be on the grocery store shelf, the gym-wear clad commuters on the subway or going viral on the web. We took stock of a few of the fitness and nutrition trends that seemed larger than life over the past year.

The Greatest Green

Nothing makes you feel more super than, well, superfoods.  Leading the charge for quite some time has been the lush, leafy, humble green known as kale.  Everything from kale chips, to kale salad and kale juice have swept across the nutrition landscape over 2014. Kale is said to be high source of vitamins K and C as well as beta carotene, containing powerful anti-cancer properties. Not only making its way onto our tables, kale also made its foray into pop culture this year with the queen herself, Beyoncé rocking her love for the leaf in the video for her track “7/11.” New versions are already beginning to spring up and give kale a run for its money in 2015 including the mighty cauliflower – stay tuned!

Keeping it Natural

If you’ve been gradually stocking your pantry with chia seeds, raw cacao and all manner of dried fruit and nuts over the past year, you might be taking a page out of the books – literally, they have their own cookbooks – of some of the loveliest health food advocates to come on the scene in a big way in 2014.  Angela Liddon is the brains and brilliance behind Oh She Glows, a hit website and best-selling cookbook released earlier this year, bringing her healthy recipes, including vegan, gluten-free allergy-friendly, to the masses.  Also making a big impact in the healthy living landscape in 2014 is Ella Woodward, the creator of Deliciously Ella. With a very successful blog full of – well, delicious – recipes based on a whole food, plant-based diet and a large social media following, Ella also has a much anticipated new cookbook coming out and even an app!  Keep an eye out for more from these two in 2015!

Wearing Your Health on Your Sleeve

2014 has been the year of wearing your health on your sleeve, literally.  Whether it’s a watch that tracks your fitness and diet or apps that assist in everything from invasive surgery to physical therapy. It’s estimated by the year 2018, nearly half of the 3.4 billion mobile device users worldwide will download and use a health app. Wearable tech devices like the Jawbone UP24 and Fitbit fitness tracker bands made a splash this year and can track your physical activity and sleep patterns including everything from your steps, and physical activity, calories burned, hours slept and quality of sleep. After all, your health is the best accessory you can wear and we’re sure there will only be bigger and better versions making their way onto our wrists the year ahead.


Any predictions for what will be big in fitness and nutrition in 2015? Let us know!


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