Top 10 Ways to Purify the Air in Your Home

Top 10 Ways to Purify the Air in Your Home

It’s not about getting a new machine, but about applying common sense measures like cleaning and opening your windows.

Air Quality Awareness Week is upon us. Running from April 30th– May 4th 2018, the week marks a time where the United States Environmental Protection Agency collaborates with the National Weather Service (NOAA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), and the U.S. Department of State to increase air quality awareness and inspire people to reduce air pollution in any way they can.

With Tuesday marking World Asthma Day as part of the package, it’s a good time to look more closely at the air in your own home.

Most of us think that if we don’t smoke or live next to a major highway, we’re probably breathing in air that’s generally OK. But experts are telling us another story. In fact, some say that most of the Earth’s population is breathing in bad air.

It’s estimated that we spend about 90% of our time indoors, and so making the air there as clean as we can is of paramount importance.

Some Tips

If you do smoke, make sure you do so outdoors, and not inside. Keeping second-hand smoke away from others is a great help.

Have your home tested for radon gas. This gas has no smell and can’t be seen but it’s the second leading cause of lung cancer.

Also, make sure you install carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Fix that leaky roof so that toxic mold doesn’t accumulate, clean your air conditioner and dehumidifier if you have one, clean floors and furniture frequently if you have a pet, and never idle your car in the garage.

It’s always a good practice to open your windows for 20 minutes once a day to air things out and control humidity, and of course, vent your wood stove if you have one. Last but not least, reduce your carpeting to control dust mites and other irritants that can easily accumulate there.

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