Top 5 Warning Signs It Could be Anxiety (and Not Something Else)

Top 5 Warning Signs It Could be Anxiety (and Not Something Else)

Is it insomnia or are you actually suffering from needless anxiety that can be easily treated?

It’s mental health awareness month and a great time to look inside at your own mental health. So often, it tends to come last on the to-do list and we often suffer without even knowing it.

Anxiety disorders form one of the most common types of mental illness in the country, and affect about 18% of the population each year, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

The good news is that anxiety is highly treatable. The bad news is that only about 36% of those who suffer from it get help. How can you know if you have it? Here are 5 of the most common warning signs. If they arise, see your doctor for assistance.

1) Feeling Weak or Tired

You may feel weak or lethargic for a number of reasons but those suffering from anxiety often find life draining. If these feelings accompany others on the list, it’s a red flag.

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2) Difficulties Sleeping

Suffering from endless worries can definitely ruin a good night’s sleep. Try meditation or some good reading to keep your mind at ease before sleeping.

3) An Impending Sense of Doom or Danger

Anxiety can often bring negative feelings and a general worry that something terrible is about to happen. If you know rationally that this is not the case, however, you’re suffering from excess anxiety.

4) Feeling Tense and Restless

It can be hard to activate yourself with anxiety, yet at the same time you may feel restless and tense.

5) Trouble Focusing

All the that negative chatter in your head can make it difficult to concentrate properly. Seek help.

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