Top 5 Places to Volunteer in the USA After Retirement

Top 5 Places to Volunteer in the USA After Retirement

You can work with kids, patients in the hospital, other seniors or people in need abroad.

Drawing your career to a close can be bittersweet. It can be a relief to sleep when you wish, wake up when you’re ready, and leave the laundry undone for as long as it suits you. Filling your days with meaning however, can be a challenge. According to, many retirees face anxiety and uncertainty. Too much free time and a lack of structure can be daunting.

Why not volunteer? This can be a great way to fill your day, give back, participate, get out of the house and find new connections.

Here are 5 top recommended places to use your skills after 55.

1) Senior Corps

Senior Corps volunteers service communities in many ways. With about 400,000 members throughout the U.S, this government agency is run by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Like kids? You could even mentor youth and children as a foster grandparent. Open to those 55 years of age and older.

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2) Musicians on Call

If music runs in your veins, why not bring it to those suffering as patients in hospitals?

3) AARP Foundation Experience Corps

You can help children struggling in school learn to read at grade level with this organization.

4) The Peace Corps

Over 55? It’s never too late to volunteer around the world. The Peace Corps doesn’t have an age limit, and serves in over 60 countries.

5) Meals on Wheels

Help other seniors receive hot meals in their home, and provide a human connection with Meals on Wheels.

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