Top 10 Best Humidifiers to Soothe You in All Kinds of Homes

Top 10 Best Humidifiers to Soothe You in All Kinds of Homes

Drying out?  These top humidifiers will give you the moisture you need, to sleep easy and feel refreshed.

Having adequately moist air circulating in your home can be difficult to achieve. If you live where the temperature drops in winter months, your heating system could be drying you out.

On the flip side, if you’re basking in the sun’s warm glow, those hot rays could also be slurping every last drop of water from your environment.

How to find equilibrium? The answer is simply, humidify. Air that contains the right amount of moisture can better your health. They assist you in breathing more easily, reducing episodes of dry, cracking skin, eliminating nose bleeds and helping to ward off infections.

Here are some of the best we found, in 5 categories:

1) Best for Bedrooms

a) The bestselling MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is a quiet machine that does the job well.

Moisten the air surrounding you safely for up to 16 hours while you sleep and feel more rested with decrease rates of snoring and nasal congestion. Automatic shut-off on this device turns kicks in when waters level are low. Complete with a 1.5 liter tank, adjustable air speed and optional night light.

b) For its part, the Everlast Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifier come with useful extras. A 6 L tank means you can truly humidify a full sized room. A built-in diffuser allows you to add favorite essential oils to your air. This unit lasts up to 50 hours between water refills.

2) Best for Your Dorm Room

Humidifiers can emit essential oils, help prevent infection and help you sleep.

a) Honeywell’s Top Fill is perfect for college. Got a roommate with smelly feet? The humidifying cleaning ball included kills up to 99%b of odor causing bacteria. A removable top-fill tank fills easily at the sink.

b) The color-changing natural-looking Victsing cool mist device comes in an attractive round shape. Easily portable, it also functions as an aroma essential oil diffuser. Produces up to 30ml of moisture per hour.

3) Best for Condos

a) Honeywell’s Cool Moisture Humidifier works best in medium-sized rooms. Adjustable with a break-resistant tank.

b) Levoit’s humidifier offers both cool and warm mist, which is said to increase humidity levels 25% more quickly than cool mist alone. A large 6 L tank allows for 20 to 36 hours of continuous use, covering up to 280 square feet.

 4) Best for a House

a) Aircare’s whole-home pedestal humidifier provides relief in every room. This devices cover up to 2,400 square feet, with adjustable fan speeds. Not at home? The unit automatically shuts off when your desired level of humidity is reached.

b)If you prefer an alternate style, check out Aircare’s console-style whole-home humidifier.

5) Best for Travel

a) Hotel rooms can be hot, cold, dry and everything in between. Stay refreshed away from home with Fancii’s portable mini humidifier. For use with water bottles.

b) Boneco’s Travel Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier works well on the go. Turn your water bottle upside down and let the mist surround you. Outputs up to 1 gallon per day.

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