Too Much Fat? Bring it On: Here Are 4 Reasons to Eat More Cheese in 2018

Too Much Fat? Bring it On: Here Are 4 Reasons to Eat More Cheese in 2018

From lowering your risk of stroke to bettering your blood sugar levels and more, cheese is actually a hidden gem.

Love cheese but hate those extra calories? Feel guilty when you reach for another slice?

With New Year’s resolutions firmly in mind, many people are seeking to cut down on things like sugar and fat. And in the quest to be trim, cheese could be top-most on your list of items to keep far away from temptation’s grasp. But experts say that might not be the best move to make.

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Why? Think of the French and those slim figures: great cheese can’t be the true enemy. Experts claim it’s full of unadvertised health benefits that, when eaten in moderation, make it a great addition to your palate.

Here are 4 reasons why cheese is a food that deserves a preferred place on your crispy cracker:

1) It Could Reduce Your Chances of Having a Stroke

If you love to melt the layers on, this will be welcome news. In 2016, a study published in The Journal of the American Heart Association discovered that eating more than an ounce of cheese per day could result in a three percent lower risk of stroke. Win-win.

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Of note: eating cheese was also found to lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in participants. Bring on the brie!

2) Cheese Could Protect You Against Type-2 Diabetes

More helpful studies. Work published in the journal, Diabetes, found that Gruyère, blue, Gouda, Parmesan and cheddar can all protect you against developing type-2 diabetes.

How? A substance called butyrate is found in these friends, and it helps your body process insulin more effectively, resulting in good management of your blood sugar levels.

3) It Can Keep Your Mid-Line Trim


Australian researchers at the Curtin Univeristy of Technology in Perth have found that eating a diet plentiful in dairy products can reduce your blood pressure and can be attributed to a higher total loss of abdominal fat.

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So, if your hoping to be bikini ready by June, or at least well on your way, consider keeping cheese on your team for better results.

4) It’s Also Great for Your Teeth

According to The Academy of General Dentistry in America, cheese makes your mouth more alkaline. The benefits of this are multiple. It results in higher pH levels in your mouth, fewer cavities and better overall dental hygiene. Add in cheese’s great taste and your mouth won’t need any more excuses.


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