Top 10 Health Documentaries That Will Enrich Your Life

Top 10 Health Documentaries That Will Enrich Your Life

Let’s take a look at some iconic, as well as some lesser known, documentary feature films that put common health and medical issues into focus.

From the food we eat, to the water we drink, medications we take and the way we heal – filmmakers and researchers across the globe are constantly investigating and uncovering how and what issues affect the health and well being of not only humans but also animals and the environment that surrounds and sustains us.

We take a look at some iconic, as well as some lesser known, documentary feature films that put these health and medical issues into focus.

Money and Medicine (2012)
Tag: ‘Warning – Excessive Medical Care may be hazardous to your health’
This documentary inspects the reasons for rising health care costs in the United States. From the dangers of over-diagnosis and over-treatment and also looking into new and alternative options to the current healthcare system.

Food Matters (2008)
Tag: ‘You are what you eat.’
The makers of Food Matters explore the truth behind how nutrition and diet can play a role in treating disorders and health conditions from heart disease and diabetes to cancer. Including insights from experts and medical specialists such as naturopaths and doctors who add to the discussion on everything from organic food to food safety.

Blue Gold: World Water Wars (2008)
Tag: ‘The War Over Your Water is About to Begin’
Water, one of the single most important factors for human health and sustaining life on earth. Narrated by Malcom McDowell, this 2008 documentary examines the environmental and industrial effects on the world’s water supply and the corporate and political control over it.

The Sacred Science (2011)
This feature explores healing beyond traditional Western medicine, following eight men and women with different illnesses who travel into the heart of the jungles of the Amazon to seek out the help of Peru’s indigenous medicine men and partake in both physical and spiritual treatment.

Earthlings (2005)
Tag: ‘Nature. Animals. Humankind. Make the Connection.’
An eye-opening look into the use and abuse of animals in the production of food, clothing, entertainment and for scientific research.

Sicko  (2007)
Tag: ‘This Might Hurt a Little’
Nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Feature, Michael Moore’s Sicko investigates health care, health insurance and the pharmaceutical industry in the US.

Food Inc. (2008)
Tag: ‘You’ll Never Look at Dinner the Same Way’
Another Academy Award nominated documentary, Food Inc. explores the processes and productions behind the food we eat. From the industrial production of meats to vegetables and grains as well as food labelling, this documentary exposes the practices, economics and sustainability of major food companies.

American Addict (2012)
From over prescription through to prescription addiction, American Addict looks to explore how America has become the most ‘prescription-addicted society in the world’ and the influence of the big pharma industry on the practice of medicine.

The Living Matrix (2009)
The Living Matrix – The Science of Healing is a journey into exploring new ways of healing and the effectiveness of bioenergetic medicine over traditional medicine. Scientists and medical professionals discuss the scientific evidence that energy and information fields control health and wellbeing, not genetics.

Million Calorie March: The Movie (2008)
Tag: ‘1200 miles, 150 lbs, 26 pairs of sneakers…How Far Would You Go For a Cause You Believe In?
One man’s mission brings to light the experiences of living with health conditions such as food addiction and obesity. Follow Gary Michael Marino, author of “Big & Tall Chronicles: Misadventures of a Lifelong Food Addict” on a 1,200-mile march across the US to raise money and awareness for childhood obesity and living healthy.

Are there any health documentaries that you think we missed?  Let us know!

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  • “American Addict” was an eye opener for me – I caught it when it aired and was amazed at the penetration and widespread abuse of prescription drugs.

    The “Money and Medicine” piece was also very enlightening and serves as notice for any would-be patient.

    Thanks for posting!

  • Excellent, and timely! The cost of health care continues to rise while…seemingly…the quality isn’t. Doctors these days seem to have too much on their minds to really concentrate on getting to know their customers and when that critical personal touch is gone, so is a lot of the trust. Doctors…dentists…surgeons…chiropractors…etc, you’ll attract more clients and get more repeat business is your patient knows you care.


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