Three Ways Your Cell Phone Could Save Your Life in an Emergency

Three Ways Your Cell Phone Could Save Your Life in an Emergency

Having a cell phone is great for communicating with friends and family. It can also be a boon in an emergency situation, when something has gone wrong.

In some cases the phone itself can act as a physical barrier in an attack, or a desperate text message, such as this one sent by a seven-year-old refugee boy trapped in an oxygen-starved container, can save lives.

In addition to the basics a cell phone can provide, here are some services and apps that could save your life in an emergency situation.

Check them out:

1) Siri


When stuck in a bad situation with your hands full or not enough light to locate your phone, Siri can be quite helpful.

How so? Check out this story.

Stacey Gleeson of Cairns, Australia told Siri to call 911 when her 1-year-old daughter stopped breathing while suffering from a chest infection. Gleeson had dropped her phone on the way to helping her daughter and needed to call 911 but had her hands full.

The result? Gleeson used her voice and Siri made the call. Emergency help was summoned, arrived and everyone stayed safe.

2) Medical ID


Medical ID apps for android phones and iPhones allow the user to provide their medical history on an easily accessible screen in their phone, in case of emergency. It can be accessible to anyone, including emergency workers, without having to unlock the phone.

Details such as conditions, allergies, blood type and personal emergency contacts such as a family member or friend can be included. Follow these steps outlined by to install a medical ID on an Android phone, iPhone or Blackberry device.

3) Red Panic Button


Sometimes problems don’t require the help of 911 crews to solve, but it would be handy if a family member or a friend could come by to help out.

The Red Panic Button fills this gap. This app allows users to tap one button on their phone for help, in a time of need. One touch of the button will alert family and or friends that the user is in distress and needs their help, by sending a distress message to a users’ contacts.

The Red Panic Button has the potential to be useful for people of all ages. Wandering, curious teenagers who get themselves into a bit of extra trouble and need an adult’s help, elderly relatives who might be living alone, or victims of domestic abuse and others can all benefit from this useful app.

Do the apps cover all bases? Yes and no. Remember to carry your medical alert card on your person at all times for serious conditions, just in case your phone dies, and you’re left without your digital info.

Stay alert and stay safe.

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