This Woman Lost 236 Pounds For One Simple Reason

This Woman Lost 236 Pounds For One Simple Reason

Here’s another amazing Instagram weight loss story. It’s truly inspiring what walking and weights can do.

Lexi Reed decided last New Year’s eve that it was time to make a change. She and her husband Danny loved going out and visiting buffets, enjoying as much food as they could handle. But the pounds were packing on. They were adding up for both of them, and potentially dangerously so.

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The couple had expressed a desire to have kids, but Lexi felt that it wouldn’t ever happen for her, given her size. She was carrying a heavy 485 pounds on a 5 foot, 6 inch frame.


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“I knew I could never be a mom at the size that I was and that was one thing that motivated me,” she told

And so Lexi and her husband decided to make a lifestyle change. According to, the loving two started going to the gym 4 times a week. At first Lexi could only walk for a bit before having to rest, but she never gave up on her commitment to keep moving for half an hour.

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The results have been, well, almost shocking. Using Instagram to track her progress, Lexi has lost 236 pounds over the past year, and her husband, who wasn’t quite as heavy, 62 pounds.

The couple say they’ve grown together as a duo, and can now do more joint activities, things that weren’t an option in the past, like going for a hike, or a bike ride.


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And they’re now looking forward to considering having kids.

How do they keep at it? Lexi says she treats her workouts like a business meeting, something she can’t cancel.

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