This New Device Restores Movement in Parkinson’s Patients

This New Device Restores Movement in Parkinson’s Patients

It works by stimulating the brain with electricity, and promoting the neurons’ natural signals.

For researchers it was a dream come true. Or, at least a large leap into a space well beyond their wildest thoughts.

Scientists from Western University in Canada have successfully developed a device that restores movement to patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. It does it all through electrical stimulation.

When you walk, your brain is sending signals to your legs to move. If you have Parkinson’s disease however, these signals are interrupted.

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It’s something that can cause patients to freeze or even fall. The danger of injury can be so difficult to face that it renders many Parkinson’s patients immobile.

But this new device helps eliminate that. It augments the signals the brain sends to the body, thus keeping a closed loop by eliminating any interruptions between the brain’s messages and the muscles.  

According to an article on, treatment is so effective that Parkinson’s patients who haven’t gone on a leisurely stroll for years can now do so without worry. One man has even ditched his wheelchair. He’s taken a vacation with his wife to Maui for the first time in seven years.

A miracle? Kind of. And the results seen so far could be just the tip of the iceberg. Further studies are needed, researchers say, to really see the full benefits this therapy provides, but the future looks a bit more promising for this disease without cure.

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