This Is What’s In Your Fast-Food Plant-Based ‘Beyond Meat’ Products

This Is What’s In Your Fast-Food Plant-Based ‘Beyond Meat’ Products

Full of beans and peas, they’re destined to satisfy.

Love burgers but contemplating skipping the meat? Here’s a new alternative.

Thousands of North Americans are now digging their teeth into plant-based meat substitute called Beyond Meat. Available at A & W, Burger King, Tim Horton’s, Applebee’s and a whole host of other popular restaurants, the meatless meat is reportedly flying off the shelves as consumer demand increases rapidly.

Beyond Meat products contain no GMO’s, soy or gluten. They’re made from a combination of peas, mung bean and rice to make a complete protein, and some items have beet juice added for that ‘bloody meat’ look.  Some burgers have marbling added via specks of coconut oil and cocoa butter.

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And how about this: interestingly, the Beyond Burger gives you 20g of protein, compared with a traditional Big Mac that provides you with 12g.

Why is switching to plant based protein a good move?

Tonnes of greenhouses gases are produced each year in our efforts to raise animals for human consumption. The planet could use a break. And so could your health. Top nutrition experts say we eat too much meat in North America and making a chance could be of benefit. We don’t all need to become vegans, but cutting back considerably could help us lose weight and improve heart health.

Check out your local grocery store for Beyond Burger, Beyond Beef, Beyond Sausage, Beyond Crumbles products and other protein alternatives.

Not there? Why not ask them if they’re coming.

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