This Scent Could Lower Your Stress Levels

This Scent Could Lower Your Stress Levels

Stressed out? Hug your partner and breathe deep- it could create the calm you need.

Sometimes parents give their baby a shirt they’ve worn to cuddle with in their crib, as they go to sleep. The scent of the parent is said to calm the infants and reassure them that all is OK, even when the parent is out of the room.

And it looks like this is something we never grow out of. A recent study done by researchers in Canada has found that women who smell their partner’s scent on a shirt they’ve worn for 24 hours, display lower stress levels.

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Of course, presumably you have to be in a good relationship for this to work. The study was completed in South Africa and had male participants wear a clean t-shirt for 24 hours. The shirt was then frozen to preserve its scent, (and then presumably thawed out) and given to their partners.

Of note, the men were asked to refrain from wearing any colognes or otherwise scented products, and were asked not to smoke or consume smelly foods while they wore their shirt, and the couples involved in the study were all heterosexual.

What was found? The women who correctly identified their partner’s scent by smelling their t-shirts had the lowest levels of stress hormones in their blood at the end of the experiment.

Maybe they simply did a lot of yoga and this was perfecting their sense of smell, and overall calm. But researchers could be onto something. Going on a trip and wish you wouldn’t miss each other so much? Dig into that laundry pile and enjoy.

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