This is How Vaginal Weightlifting Works—And How It’s Good For You

This is How Vaginal Weightlifting Works—And How It’s Good For You

Have you heard about the Russian woman who can lift 14kg with her vagina?

Tatyana Kozhevnikova has allegedly been training for years to reach these womanly heights, and it’s true: she can lift pretty large weights with her lady parts. And while it may sound extremely bizarre, vaginal weightlifting is something that many women do, and has been around for a while. It’s even recommended by doctors.

Invented by Plevnik in 1985, vaginal weights or cones can help to strengthen a weak pelvic floor in woman.

How do they loose their luster in the first place? Sometimes the muscles in the pelvic region weaken with age, and they can often soften after giving birth, causing inconvenient incontinence and bladder control problems.

Lifting the weights can help to focus the muscles of the vagina and firm up that pelvic floor, bringing it back to vitality.

It’s all similar to the popular Kegel exercises, first described by Arnold Kegel in 1948, in which a woman repeatedly contracts the muscles of the pelvic floor and holds them, somewhat like doing sit-ups with your lady parts.

But weightlifting is slightly different in that it involves using increasing resistance to strengthen your muscles via inserting a vaginal cone or egg and contracting the muscles to lift it.

In the case of the eggs, they are often made from jade, and come in multiple sizes.

Here’s how it works: users start with the largest egg in the bunch, and insert it in the vagina. The woman contracts, holding it long enough some experts say, to walk around the house or do a simple chore standing up.

Once the vagina becomes adjusted to sensing and holding the biggest egg, the user moves on to the next smallest one and continues to decrease the size of the circumference she can grasp. The aim is to go down in size as sensations and control increase.

It may sound like a special practice, but it’s not hard to start. Many companies like Vagacare are offering vaginal weight kits for sale online. And there are many examples to follow.

According to, women like Kim Anami are Instagramming photos of themselves doing the deed in multiple ways and settings.

Anami is a regular practitioner of vaginal weightlifting and she states on her website, “If a woman is disconnected from her sexuality and her vagina, she is operating at a massive disadvantage.”

“When I speak of vaginas that shoot ping pong balls and open beer bottles and win world records,” she writes, “these aren’t wild exceptions to what vaginas can do (though they are currently).”

Really? You can try it out and see for yourself. Anami offers ‘Vaginal Kung Fu’, an 8-week virtual salon invented to strengthen the pelvic floor and improve women’s sex lives-and likely incontinence along the way- all you need is a few extra minutes each day to apply what you’ve learned.

But I=tf the whole thing sounds a bit too wild to try right at the moment, have no fear. There are always other routes, like these yoga positions, to work at heating up those pleasure muscles for a whole new you.

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