This is How Being Overweight Increases Your Cancer Risk

This is How Being Overweight Increases Your Cancer Risk

Fat cells can prevent your body from fighting off the illness.

Losing weight can feel like an uphill battle. Not only do you have to fight off hunger pains and those bad habits, but possibly your genetics. It can take so long time to see noticeable results.

In the end though, it’s worth it. You’ll have more energy, a chance at increasing your self- confidence, along with your health. And this can go a long way, including reducing your risk of developing cancer.

How is your weight and cancer connected?

When you’re carrying around excess pounds, certain functions in your body slow down. Some even stop working, altogether.

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According to an article on, we humans have a certain type of cell the body uses to destroy cancerous tissue. When you have too much fat, it clogs these cells up and they cease to function, a new study has shown.

Being obese increases your risk of developing 13 different types of cancer. As Dr. Leo Carlin at the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute told the BBC,

“This study reveals how fat molecules prevent immune cells from properly positioning their tumour-killing machinery, and provides new avenues to investigate treatments.

“A lot of research focuses on how tumours grow in order to find metabolic targets to stop them, so this is a reminder that we should consider the metabolism of immune cells too.”

Getting active and reducing your sugar intake are key steps to take on the road to reducing your size.

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