This ‘E-Skin’ Can Keep Track of Your Oxygen Level

This ‘E-Skin’ Can Keep Track of Your Oxygen Level

Scientists have created an ultra-thin ‘skin’ that can monitor a person’s oxygen level when attached to regular skin.

The researchers from Japan developed the skin with the intent of a way to monitor the level of oxygen in a patient’s organs while in surgery. The preliminary tests have been positive so far, providing accurate measurements of oxygen concentration in the blood.

The components of the device light up – red, blue, and green – depending on the amount of oxygen. Researchers are already working on displaying the statistics in numbers and letters on the skin for better readability and monitoring.

“The device unobtrusively measures the oxygen concentration of blood when laminated on a finger,” said lead researcher Tomoyuki Yokota and colleagues.

“Ultimately, flexible organic optical sensors may be directly laminated on organs to monitor the blood oxygen level during and after surgery.”

Wearable electronics are a growing industry in the medical field. In addition to innovations like the e-skin, contact lenses that monitor glucose levels, or smart glasses, are grabbing medical professional’s eye.

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