This Drug Will Give You a “Real Tan”

This Drug Will Give You a “Real Tan”

Done with tanning beds, the beach and spray-on solutions? Check out this tanning drug.

If you’re looking for a tan but don’t want to expose yourself to the harmful rays of the sun, check this out. A new drug discovered by researchers working at Massachusetts General Hospital can give you a tan.

In a recent report, researchers denied that they were trying to develop a new cosmetic tan lovers are bound to love and will buy, to the tune of billions of dollars.

They say they are d simply trying to protect people against rising statistics for skin cancer.

Whatever the motivation, it’s kind of neat. The drug, which has been tested on mice but not yet developed for use on humans, works like this.

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First, you spread it on your skin. Then you wait. The drug works by stimulating your skin to produce the brown from of melanin, darkening your skin.

In essence, it does the same thing that the sun does, without all the UV damage. And in turn, it makes your skin better able to protect itself by blocking out damaging UV rays in the future, by developing a darker complexion.

In fact, researchers are hoping that the drug will be added to sun screen in the future, for added protection. The one weakness of sunscreen is that it works, but it “keeps you pale” researchers have said. This new discovery could change that.

So, get ready to see tanned redheads and dark Norwegians, with younger-looking skin. Science never ceases to amaze.

Photo credits: Rido81/Bigstock; Subbotina Anna/Bigstock

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