These Health Bars are Filled With Protein – and Crickets

These Health Bars are Filled With Protein – and Crickets

When Greg Sewitz and Gabi Lewis told people their protein bars would be made of powered insects, they expected to hear crickets.

Their Exo protein bar got a much, much better response to their odd, cricket-flour powered product – who got another $4 million in funding last week.

The creators were inspired to create the critter bars after Sewitz attended an MIT conference that discussed insects’ incredible environmental benefits and sustainability. When it came to protein, few could contest crickets. They added the cricket flour to Lewis’ basic nutrition bar recipe, which was originally developed as a high-protein bar substitute for things like a Paleo diet.

The idea of eating bugs may seem barbaric to us, 80-percent of the world regularly eats insects; it’s better for the environment, easy to access, and of course, packed with protein.

Exo’s inaugural batch was made in 2013, when Sewitz and Lewis ordered 2,000 live crickets to their house at Brown University. Making their patented ‘cricket flour’ – which looks identical to brown sugar – they mixed it with dates, honey and chocolate to create the original Exo bar.

They’ve come a long say since their university days, graduating from college two years ago, to receiving investments from Tim Ferris (Creator of 4-hour-work-week) and rap legend Nas.

Exo bars come in Cocoa Nut, Blueberry Vanilla, and a couple of specialty flavours, Mango Curry and BBQ.

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