The WHO Wants Universal Health Coverage: World Health Day

Do you feel that everyone deserves care? Make your voice heard on April 7th.

This year on World Health Day, The World Health Organization (WHO)  is making a global wish before blowing out the candles. It’s dreaming of healthcare for everyone, when and where they need it- a lofty goal but certainly a worthy one.

According to the WHO website, millions of people still live without access to any healthcare, whatsoever. Droves of others are forced to choose between paying for their health or for daily expenses like food, clothing, transportation and housing. The experience pushes those in need into poverty. When unexpected illness arises, people are often required to use up their life savings. They may have to sell their assets or borrow large sums of money, acts which can destroy their own future, and that of their children.

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But is the desire for universal care actually attainable? Many think so.

To date, all UN member states have agreed to strive to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) by as early as 2039. It’s part of the Sustainable Development Goals. These are a collection of seventeen global goals that were set out by the United Nations General Assembly back in 2015.

How can you get involved and show your support? The WHO recommends that you communicate your beliefs and needs with local policy-makers, politicians, ministers and other  representatives.

You can also share your thoughts and stories on social media, using the hashtags #HealthForAll  and #WorldHealthDay.

For more on World Health Day, check out the WHO’s website.

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