The Ultimate (Short) Tattoo Safety Guide

The Ultimate (Short) Tattoo Safety Guide

Use common sense and look for hygienic practices in a tattoo artist, as well as a good reputation.

Getting ink done can be exciting, and a lot of people are doing it. But it can also be a recipe for a medical disaster if not done right. Here are some tips to ensure that new design doesn’t ruin your week. 

1) Look for Sealed Packages

You want to ensure your good health. The tattoo artist should use new needles, tubes and pigments with every new tattoo. They should be taking these from sealed packages before starting. If not, go elsewhere. 

2) And a Heat Sterilization Machine

Some equipment used in tattooing isn’t disposable. Your artist should expose it to a heat sterilization machine before each use, and they should also be cleaning their general environment with disinfectant after every client. 

3) Gloves Are a Must

No gloves? No tattoo love! 

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4) Go for a Studio With a Good Reputation

You know your friend is a great artist but if they aren’t trained in tattooing and they don’t have the proper set up, don’t let them near your skin. You just risk infection and other serious problems by not going with a professional. 

5) Avoid These Things

Don’t go out in the sun with your tattoo for a few weeks, avoid swimming and wearing tight clothing.  And don’t pick at your scabs. Yuck. 

6) And Definitely Do These

Use plain soap and water to keep your tattoo clean, pat don’t rub it dry, and apply moisturizer daily. Voila!

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