The Health Benefits of Lemon Water

The Health Benefits of Lemon Water

Go out for a bite at a restaurant, and you’ll probably get the customary ice water with lemon wedge on the cup’s rim. Don’t discount that fruit slice – lemon water has a wave of health benefits, so thank your server when the water arrives.

Experts advocate intaking lemon water every morning. It’s simple to do, and the cost for reward is too good to pass up.

Not only does water keep you hydrated and free of toxins, lemons offer a numerous nutrients like calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin C, A and B-complex, pectin fiber, carbohydrates and proteins. In addition to that grocery list of nutrients, lemons have citric acid and powerful antibacterial, antiviral and immune-boosting properties.

Drink lemon water (you can add some honey in there too, piling on the health value) half an hour before breakfast for a healthy start to the day. These are some of the health benefits you’ll be exposed to if you adopt lemon water in your morning routine.

Boosts Immune System

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, a nutrient known to boost the body’s immunities. This is why vitamin C, and drinks like orange juice, is recommended when you fall ill to flus or colds.

The fruit also encourages the absorption of essential nutrients for our health and immune system, and also packs saponins that pack powerful antimicrobial properties.

Cleanse Your Urinary Tract

Water with lemon acts as a diuretic, stimulating the production of urine, thereby cleansing the urinary tract. The pH level in urine is reset and refreshed, reducing the amounts of bad bacteria.

The citric acid plays an important role as well, keeping infections in the urinary tract at bay; this is especially beneficial to women who suffer from frequent urinary tract infections.

Helps With Weight Loss

Not only can lemon water regulate and stabilize bodily functions, but it can support weight loss.

Lemons are full of pectin fibers. These fibers curb hunger cravings and leave you feeling satisfied/full longer.

In addition the pectin fibers, any weight loss regiment is expedited with daily lemon water, as the environment in the stomach becomes more alkaline.

Control Blood Pressure

Anyone with high blood pressure should seriously consider lemon water every morning. The key here is it hydrates and cleanses the lymphatic system. High potassium contents improve your sleep and mental functioning as well, in turn reducing stress and lowering blood pressure.

Balance the Body’s pH Levels

Lemons are simply one of the best alkalinizing foods around. The ascorbic and acidic acids balance the body’s pH levels, eliminating excessive acidity that can have inflammatory effects on the body.

Reducing acidity and the uric acid in your joints alleviates pain and inflammation, which can be done through a morning mix of lemons and water.

There are even more fantastic reasons to drink lemon water – treats throat infections, boost energy, improve digestion – so make it a daily habit. You’ll notice an enhancement in your health and a revitalization of your body!

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