The Great American Controversy: Is Nutella a dessert, or a jam?

The Great American Controversy: Is Nutella a dessert, or a jam?

Here’s another debate to sink your teeth into – is Nutella a dessert or a spread? The outcome will have an impact on serving sizes and changes on the ingredient listing on the label.

Now that the U.S. presidential elections are over, Americans can finally focus their attention on the pressing issues that really matter in the country.

The first item on the agenda?

Making a decision as to whether Nutella should be deemed a dessert, or a jam.

nutella healthy eatingAccording to the makers of the sugary hazelnut paste, they say their consumers primarily deploys Nutella on toast, rather than enhancing other treats like ice cream. So, they’re putting the pressure on U.S. authorities to acknowledge this, which would halve the product’s official serving size, and thus reduce the fat, sugar and calories appearing on the required label.

In response, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) started polling the public last Wednesday, asking Americans how they like to use Nutella, and how much they eat in a single sitting.

Ferrero, the makers of Nutella, have battled negative backlash for years, due in large part to the product’s lofty sugar content. Nutella did market their product as a ‘health food’ a few years ago, which was ill-advised to say the least.

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The company has released their own research to the FDA: in 2014, they claim 74% of consumers preferred bread with their Nutella. They also cited a 2012 survey that negates one from 1991, that found most consumers used the spread as they would a chocolate syrup.

Ferrero says that study is dated.

nutella dessert or jam

“Notably, only 2 percent of consumers in the 2012 survey preferred to use Nutella on ice cream,” the company said in a letter to the FDA.

Their survey also found consumers usually dollop a single tablespoon for the meal – between 18-23 grams – which is half the current serving size on the label.

The window for voicing your opinion on the heated spread vs. syrup debate closes January 3.

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