The G Spot: What it Really Isn’t and Why It Doesn’t Exist (but something else does)

The G Spot: What it Really Isn’t and Why It Doesn’t Exist (but something else does)

Ah, the elusive G Spot. Are you one of the many people who have never been able to locate it? That’s because researchers say it doesn’t exist!

You’re totally satisfied. You feel like your partner is hitting your G-spot during intercourse every time and you can’t deny that it’s there and wonderful: great.

Not part of that crowd? Science has an explanation for you.

The fact is, when it comes to G-spots and women many feel they simply never “got it.” Somehow, they were born without one of life’s real feminine pleasures. Or they were put together backwards- or something.

For some, the G-spot remains an elusive myth. And according to a study done by a researcher in Australia, there is a real reason for that: it doesn’t exist.


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There is definitely room for debate, but according to Dr Helen O’Connell, that place of ultra-pleasure in women is actually not one point or a spot but the convergence of three body “parts”.

It’s something Dr. O’Connell calls the the CUV Complex, or Clitoral Urethral Vaginal Complex.  It involves three body parts sharing the same blood supply and nerves, which allows them to work in unison when creating sexual satisfaction for the ladies.

While it sounds a bit like a modern condo development, Dr. O’Connell, who is a professor of urology at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, believes the CUV complex to be powerful enough to be responsible for females experiencing orgasm.


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So, it’s not just all in women’s heads. Nor is it something that some partners are good at finding and others are failures at locating on the map.

It’s just a little more, well, complex than that.

Where one individual has an interstate highway, another sometimes seems to have a back country road.

It’s always worth exploring your partner’s body-a great excuse for an afternoon drive.

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