The Best Tweets from World Physical Activity Day

The Best Tweets from World Physical Activity Day

In case you weren’t aware, we celebrated World Physical Activity Day just last week.

The goal? To inspire couch potatoes from coast-to-coast to get up and move around in some fashion – something everyone could use a little more of.

World Phyical Activity Day best tweetsMost adults don’t get the recommended amounts of exercise per week (150 minutes of moderate-intensity movement), putting them at a higher risk for diabetes, depression, cancer, and other debilitating diseases. Science suggests that no exercise can raise your risk of heart disease as much as obesity does.

But the best reason to be active may be the simplest – it brings a sense of wellness.

So if you truly missed out on last week’s festivities, participants got involved on Twitter to share some impressive stats about health & wellness (in knee-slapping GIF form, no less). Here are the ones that made us smile, as well as motivating us to get our sweat on:

If waddling=movement, and movement=exercise, then waddling=exercise. Flawless logic.

Long story short, there’s a lot of ways to engage your muscles in exercise.

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These facts from London’s Newcomb Library are awfully impressive:

Shout out to Cancer Research UK for pointing out there are other ways to exercise besides monotonous treadmill runs – like dancing, or gardening.

And finally…well, don’t let this happen to you.

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