Here Are Some of the World’s Worst Teeth. (Warning: Totally Gross)

Here Are Some of the World’s Worst Teeth. (Warning: Totally Gross)

If you truly love the ick factor, indulge. This is for you. Terrible oozing, horrible teeth.

I could hardly watch these videos. But knowing how much a good gross out is needed by some people every now and again, I’m so nicely sharing them with you.

Do not watch these if puss and rotten teeth set you off. They’re much worse than those earwax removal videos and also the ones that show professionals popping enormous black heads on peoples shoulders, backs and faces. Be forewarned. It’s all here so that you can feel better about your own set of pearly whites.

Here are 5 of the worst cases of bad teeth ever:

1) Horrible Growths

(photo credit: Warning: completely gross.

The person who posted this video on YouTube didn’t provide much information, but some good guessing. Some poor soul had what looks like some kind of growth persisting under the tongue, along with what looks like a bunch of rotten teeth.

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It’s suggested that the growth might be a cancerous one, the result of using chewing tobacco, but it’s not certain. Horrific nonetheless!

2) A Tumor

(photo credit:

This teenager from India had a bad toothache, and his local dentist couldn’t tell what was the matter. He traveled to Mumbai to have the experts check it out, and found out some shocking news.

Ashik Gavai had a benign dental tumor festering in his mouth, housing over 200 denticles- abnormal growths that look like teeth.

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Once dentists got in there to remove it- it took 4 surgeons working as a team- he finally felt some relief. He was placed on a diet of coconut water and milk to recover, and had to wait 3 to 4 months for his jawbone to heal.

3) Hyperdontia


(photo credit:

Having too many teeth growing in your mouth is called having hyperdontia. Is it easier or harder to chew food? Who knows, I guess you’d have to ask the affected.

The teeth can grow in all sorts of patterns in a victim’s mouth. It can be caused by something called cleidocranial dysostosis as well as hereditary and environmental factors.

4) An Enormous Cavity Under a Filing

(photo credit:

This video is one done by a dentist who is excavating and treating an enormous cavity found lurking under an existing filing. Must hurt. Revel in how the brown decay is picked away and how huge the space is. The author says a crown is going to be needed soon to replace the filing, but in the meantime, check it out. I almost gagged.

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5) Plaque and Tartar So Thick You Think It’s Cake Icing

(photo credit:

There really are teeth under there, somewhere. Somehow this patient acquired so much build up on their teeth, it’s like shoveling snow.

This dentist chips away at it all with great skill, but you’ve gotta wonder how long that mouth stayed clean.

Dentures, anyone? At least it’s a temporary fix. Hopefully better dental care measures were taken on by this person, after the fact.

Intense build up on your teeth can lead to other health problems, dentists say.

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