Zut Alors! France Just Banned Free Soda Refills

Zut Alors! France Just Banned Free Soda Refills

Voulez-vous un re-fill? Forget about it. The French are joining the never-ending fight against sugar. Here’s why you’ll be drinking water in Paris.

Sugary drinks are sitting in the line of fire for many, and now France has joined in.

You can still order a Coke, Sprite or Pepsi at fast food outlets in the European country known for its gourmet cooking. The thing is, now you can’t do your favorite thing: go back for more.

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In light of growing obesity rates, (they’re low in the country, but rising), France has forbidden the practice of getting a free refill.



France has lower obesity rates when compared with the UK. That being said, the average French man or woman is fatter than the average Italian, according to the experts.

France has an obesity rate of 15.3% in adults over 18 years of age. This is slightly lower than the EU average which sits at 15.9%, according to statistics on BBC.com

Sadly, in comparison, the U.S has an obesity rate of 35.7%, with more than 1 in 20 people being categorized as extremely obese.

Almost 75% of American men are considered to be overweight or obese. Over the age of 30, 57% of French men are overweight or obese.



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So, you can see why governments are making the choices they are. Consuming too much sugar is becoming a worldwide problem, and the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended taxing sugary drinks, due to their link with obesity and diabetes, but it’s a tough road to haul.

New York City tried to ban ‘super sized’ sugary drinks back in 2013, but it didn’t work out. The courts blocked it. Maybe it’s time to try again.

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