What is a ‘Sports Pain Jedi’?

What is a ‘Sports Pain Jedi’?

These ARE the doctors you’re looking for. RateMDs explores the benefits of seeing a sports pain jedi to alleviate chronic pain, and improve body mechanics.

avoid-injury-physical-therapists-jediIntermittent pain that magically heals itself actually has a name popular amongst clinicians, which they call ‘normal abnormal’ – which roughly translates to, ‘you’re alive’, which is good news if you ask us.

But if you’re experiencing a chronic pain that’s seemingly settled into an area in your body, compromising your ability to move freely, physical therapists – or ‘sports pain jedis’ – know the ways of the (therapeutic) force.

These are a few reasons sport pain jedis ARE the type of doctor you’re looking for.

Boost your ‘athletic’ performance.

Everyone’s an athlete in some sense. It doesn’t have to be shooting hoops or scoring goals – maybe your sport is gardening, or those casual dance classes on the weekend.

Sport pain jedis can improve your body mechanics, allowing you to move well, and move efficiently. Once they watch you move and see the unseen, it’s not uncommon for a jedi to quickly point out a seemingly unrelated part of the body, recommend an adjustment, only to have a huge impact on your athletic performance.

Sport pain jedis know where and when to pull, push, or allow the body to rest for max athletic ability.

Avoid injury.

Small bumps and bruises are beneath sport pain jedis, but being mindful of how to deal with small pains that are on and off can be beneficial.


Our bodies have an uncanny ability to heal themselves, though it’s the fear of re-injury that can lead to more pain. People often compensate for their injury by altering mechanics – say changing your gait – to ‘protect’ their sore areas. This can do more damage in the long run.

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Sport jedis can not only help you deal with the pain initially, but can keep you focused on maintaining your mechanics and form when exercising. They know precisely where and when to apply pressure to the body to expedite healing, as well as helping people understand how to heal themselves.

Look good, naked.

This is one of the lesser known powers of a sports jedi master. They’re aware of all the moves and exercises that’ll engage you in moderate-to-intense physical exertion – the stepping stones to looking good in the nude.


Plus, if you have an exercise program you’ve followed for years, a jedi can offer tweaks that’ll improve your physique.

Don’t underestimate the power of whole body beauty, and the confidence it brings!

Save time & money.

Surgery is expensive, time-consuming, with an unknown amount of recovery time.

To be frank, it’s simply not worth it, if you can help it. It may be hard to believe, but a sports pain jedi managing your aches and pains can be as effective as many surgical treatments for hip, back, shoulder, and knee pain!


Plus, not only can a jedi save you from potentially unnecessary surgeries, but are much more cost-effective at diagnostics; surgeries designed to ‘take a look’ at troubling areas can be costly, too.

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And if surgery is the only option, a sports pain jedi still holds value: a well-trained, Obi-Wan-level jedi can work alongside you during the healing process, helping you get back to the physical activities you enjoy most – like pod racing, or fighting the Republic and the Dark Side in intergalactic space.

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