These Sources of Sugar May Surprise You

These Sources of Sugar May Surprise You

Some foods, like a double-fudge sundae or maple bacon sweet potato hash, you have a pretty good sense of how much sugar they contain. Like the two aforementioned foods, you can likely assume: a lot of sugar.

But what about your favourite salad dressing? Or your new-found breakfast spread that is almond butter?

The not-so-sweet truth about sugar is it can be found – hiding – in many common foods. Even the ones you don’t expect, or assume are ‘healthy’.

surprising-sources-of-sugar-nutrition-obesityFor example, the American Heart Association suggests women should only consume 6 teaspoons (100 calories) of sugar each day. But a single, lousy granola bar can hold more than that 100-calorie recommendation, so it’s not hard to see how tricky it can be to avoid overindulging in sugar.

Another hurdle: sugar is often added to low-fat foods to provide a flavour injection. So that fat-free, morning yogurt cup you swear by…could be loaded with sugar instead.

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Of course, the additive’s taste comes at a cost – sugar can be responsible for various health problems, from weight-related diseases (obesity), to others like cancer.

This video, courtesy of, spotlights six sneaky sugary foods. From marinara sauce to whole grain bread, these foods you’ve praised as healthy & wholesome are actually undercover sugar sanctuaries!

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