Is Beer Making You Snore?

Is Beer Making You Snore?

You’re lying wide awake next to your partner and they’re rumbling away like a freight train. Or, maybe you’re the freight train, and you’re tired of hearing the complaints.

Snoring. Here’s what’s causing it.

People snore when the air flow from your mouth or nose makes the tissues located in your airway move around. They vibrate. Some people are more susceptible to snoring than others, and part of this is due to anatomy, part it is lifestyle.

People who have enlarged tonsils, a congested nose with blocked nasal passages or a deviated nasal septum are much more likely to snore.

Also, if you’ve lost muscle tone in your throat, making it harder for your body to maintain its shape due to age or lack of fitness, you might be snoring.


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What can you do about? If you didn’t snore much before and your fitness has flown out the window, try going for a daily walk and tossing some exercise in the mix. You might find the snoring goes away (and, of course, you’ll feel all that much better, overall).

If you’re having a few beers before bedtime and your breathing becomes louder than normal, cut out the alcohol- at least right before going to sleep. Drinking alcohol makes it harder for your brain to regulate your breathing, and it can cause your mouth, throat and tongue muscles to relax too much.

The result? Rumbling thunder.

If your snoring has been going for a while, it could be that you suffer from sleep apnea. This can be a dangerous condition, so again, check with your doctor for the appropriate treatment and return to sweet dreams.

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