Six Egg Tricks to Impress Your Friends

Six Egg Tricks to Impress Your Friends

Refining your breakfast techniques with RateMD’s clever egg hacks (cracks?) will not only make your morning breakfasts eventful, but simplified too.

It’s a brand new year, meaning you’re probably looking to create a brand new you (or, at least improve on your past shell).

We’re way ahead of you, which is why we’ve got some awesome egg tricks you can impress your breakfast-savvy friends with. Refining your breakfast techniques with clever egg hacks (cracks?) will not only make your morning breakfasts eventful, but simplified, too.

From peeling an egg in five seconds, to boiling the perfect soft egg every time, here are six essential egg tricks you need in your life.

Crack an Egg – With One Hand

A common problem shared amongst all eggheads is cracking an egg sloppily, and then facing the consequences of fishing out the little bits of shell out of the bowl.


This year, that won’t be an issue in your kitchen, because you’ll have mastered the one-hand cracking technique. As easy as ‘wax on, wax off’, you’ll never again be disgruntled at finding egg shell shards in between your teeth courtesy your morning omelette.

Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs, Every Time

Misjudging your egg time can be punishing – one you’ve had that sulphuric taste of overcooked eggs, it can’t be un-tasted.

Never fear the plight of overcooked eggs again by following this boiled egg timeline.


They say timing is everything, and with the timeline, you’ll only be able to cook perfect, flawless, soft-or-medium-or-hard, hard-boiled eggs.

The Easy Way to Peel a Hard-Boiled Egg (in Five Seconds)

Now that you’ve got the perfect egg, it’s time to bust it out of its shell.

The fastest and most efficient way to do so is filling a large jar with an inch or two of water, placing the cooked egg inside, cover, and give it a shake. In about five seconds, the shell will break into large pieces, revealing the perfectly-peeled hard-boiled egg nesting inside.

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Good Eggs vs. Bad Eggs

how-to-tell-good-eggs-from-bad-eggsDating an egg can be difficult – it’s tough getting them out of their shell after all.

Okay, bad joke.

But determining how old an egg is truly not easy – there are no real signs that distinguish an oldie from a freshie…except this subtle one.

Drop the eggs in question into a glass/bucket/container of water. If the egg sinks, it’s still good to eat. If it floats, toss it away. Egg-ceptional!

Grate-A Eggs

Blue Hill at Stone Barns’ handy egg grating technique adds a unique and pleasurable texture to any egg-appropriate breakfast.

It’s so similar to cheese that you could maybe even skip the addictive food altogether, if your willpower’s strong enough (we understand if it isn’t), meaning a healthier breakfast overall.


The technique itself isn’t anything difficult, requiring no more than a rotary grater, hand grater, or just a Microplane in your home. Just hard boil an egg to the firmness of your choosing, grate it, and top any cheesy breakfast of your choice, like huevos rancheros, quesadillas, tacos, and more.

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A 2-4 of Eggs, for the Price of One

Need a large pile of eggs for an egg-cited crowd? (Last egg pun, we promise).

Instead of manually boiling eggs one by one, you can prepare two dozen hard-boiled eggs in one shot by using your oven. It’s faster, more convenient, and leaves stovetop space for other breakfast brethren like bacon, pancakes, and hash browns.


Whole, unpeeled eggs fill a muffin cup quite well, and it’ll cook perfectly. Just set the temperature, start your timer, and wait for the egg army to arrive!

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