Why You Shouldn’t Eat Too Much Protein Ice Cream

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Too Much Protein Ice Cream

Protein ice creams are gaining more popularity in a more health-conscious world, sporting a lower calorie count, some added fiber, and doesn’t melt as easily, meaning you aren’t on the clock the moment you’re handed a cone.

But like all things, it needs to be enjoyed in moderation – that extra shot of protein and/or fiber isn’t enough to make up for the downsides of one too many scoops of protein ice cream:

Low in nutrients

Protein ice cream is still ice cream, and that means its low in nutrients. You might get some calcium, but that’s really it. Ice cream is a dessert at the tail end of a balanced diet, and protein ice cream should be treated as such.

Can lead to overeating


Since it’s marketed as a ‘low calorie ice cream’, it can lead to ice cream lovers getting overzealous and overeat. Even worse, eating it in excess can take the place of eating other foods that have more nutrients and are generally healthier for you.

Digestion problems

Ice creams, even ones with protein, have added ingredients that can upset some stomachs. For example, there are some that add prebiotics, which can stimulate gut bacterial growth and produce side effects like gas.

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Sugar content

While some protein ice creams forego sugar for natural sweeteners or sugar alcohols, not all of them do. The sugar content is less than traditional ice creams, but it adds up if you go for a fourth scoop. Sugar, of course, can cause problems ranging from obesity, to diabetes, to liver problems, and heart disease.

So remember: Protein ice cream is a healthy dessert that has some added benefits, but be sure to never go overboard.

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