Should New Mother’s Drink Wine? This Toronto Woman Thinks, Yes

Should New Mother’s Drink Wine? This Toronto Woman Thinks, Yes

There are two very vocal sides to this debate, and both have good arguments.

So, new moms and wine: is it a good idea?

Here’s the scoop. A Toronto mom with a one-year old child recently organized a daytime wine festival for new mothers. Somewhat unsurprisingly, she found herself under fire.

Why? There appear to be two large crowds on either side of this issue. Some people think it’s perfectly fine for a mom with an infant to indulge in a glass of red, (or white, if she prefers) whenever she feels like it. Women should be trusted to make the best decisions for themselves and their babies when it comes to how they spend their free time and what they put in their bodies, many feel.

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However, some others wildly disagree. Many doctors say that no amount of alcohol in your system is a good amount if you’re breastfeeding. And a good number of new moms in Canada and elsewhere are doing so, during, and even after, the baby’s first year. Add to this the fact that heavy drinking is presently on the rise in women, and many say that a festival such as this one is an irresponsible recipe for disaster.

What’s your take? The weekday event in question was called “”A Very Mommy Wine Festival.”

It was organized by Alana Kayfetz who stated to the media, “I never thought about what we’re doing in part of the dialogue of the larger marketing phenomenon, what’s happening with alcohol being marketed to women…We tried ‘Mommies that like to drink tea, join us,’ but nobody came.”

Great idea or not? Grab a latte (or a beer) and discuss.

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