Sex and Seniors: 3 Things That Change for Women

Sex and Seniors: 3 Things That Change for Women

From lower estrogen to changing emotions and needs, the playing field presents new challenges, as you age.

Aging brings on much wisdom and a lot of changes- definitely more than three.

When it comes to sex in your older years though, experts like those at the Mayo Clinic have found some general, recurring patterns that seem to happen to many women. Here are some that are generally happening to most.

1) Dryness

As estrogen levels decrease in a woman’s body as she ages, it has many effects. One of these is increased vaginal dryness. Because of this, it can also take more time for a woman to become sexually aroused.

Take your time when engaging in intimacy and know that the men need that extra buffer, too. Drop your expectations and simply see where things go.

If you’re concerned and want professional advice and help, talk to your doctor about solutions that can help.

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2) Emotional Changes

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this is something that we often forget. Even if your partner says they find you attractive, many women feel that the physical changes in their body, as they age, makes them less sexy. Or, at least they make them feel less sexy.

The cure? It’s easier said than done, but re-imagine what sexy is. Don’t let society’s fixation on youth define attraction for you. Seek out other visions of romance and build a new idea of what it all means to you and your partner.

3) Your Needs and Wants

You might find as you age that one of you in the relationship wants to have sex much more frequently than the other. Talk it out.

If you’re the one who usually turns away, try to be the instigator sometimes, to feel empowered and a refreshing change in roles. Have a discussion between the two of you to determine what is satisfying for you both and something you’d both like to engage in.

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